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Fly Higher Ed is a comprehensive Enrollment Management firm that specializes in international student recruitment. We prepare and match, future global leaders with the right collegiate institutions abroad…Read More

What we do

Fly Higher Ed specializes in Enrollment management. We provide  academic concierge service to prospective international students and help institutions manage domestice enrollment budgets and forecast …Read More

Why Fly Higher ED?

We know about your desires to achive your dreams. We also know the only way you can achieve them is through being linked with the best instititutions. We make your college enrollment dream come true…Read More

What Our students say

I've managed to secure an admission to my dream college through Fly Higher Ed. I was denied Visa several times but Fly Higher Ed helped me sure it. I owe it all to them and I bet you will fall in love with their service


Fly Higher ED guided me a lot through my student Visa apllication process. Their staff are supportive and provided me with good training and helped me develop confidence for my Visa interview.


I was introduced to Fly Higher ED by my friend we secured an admission through the company. I have seen a huge benefit with their combination of career assessment and enrollment solutions


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Our exclusive features

We offer a free career assessment to identify your best-suited skills for best US Schools and Universities. Our comprehensive report highlights strengths and potential career paths. Take advantage of our services and earn a discount by referring others. 

We provide travel arrangements for students to their Schools and Universities, ensuring convenience and efficiency for a smooth transition. Our exceptional service meets individual travel needs, providing an outstanding academic experience.

We offer safe and comfortable accommodations for students on budgets. We are dedicated to ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable  experience with a wide range of Hosted and Home accommodation arrangements available. We  provide a home away from home. 

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